The Minor in Studies of Social Issues in Sport, Physical Activity and Leisure offers an opportunity to improve your knowledge and skills in critical analysis of sport, physical activity and leisure to help you become an actor of social change in, and through, sport, physical activity and leisure. You will learn about the effect of social issues on sporting, physical and leisure practices as well as the impact of these practices on social change. In the process, you better understand how power relations are enacted in the context of sport, physical activity and leisure as well as understand how these practices become tools of social change.

This program is offered in English and in French.

The table below includes only discipline-specific courses. Please refer to the Academic Regulations for information on including a minor to your degree.

This program can be chosen only as a second study module as part of a 120-unit bachelor’s degree that allows a minor. 

Direct admission is not possible.

Compulsory Courses at the 1000 level:
APA 1302Sociology of Sport and Physical Activity in Canada3 Units
LSR 1100Introduction to Leisure Studies3 Units
LSR 1105Leisure in Canadian Society3 Units
Compulsory Courses at the 2000 level
APA 2302History of Sport and Physical Activity in Canada3 Units
Optional courses:
18 optional course units from:18 Units
Physical Activity in a Global Health Perspective
Leisure : Concepts and Values
Recreation and Environmental Quality
Principles of Leadership in Recreation
Recreation, Sport and Community Development
Hockey and Canadian Culture
Sociology of Health and Physical Activity in Canada
Ethics in Sport, Physical Activity and Health in Canada
Parks and Protected Areas
Leisure Education/Counselling
Anthropology of Sport and Leisure
Political Economy of Sport and Physical Activity
Sport and Identities
Sport and Physical Activity in Aging Populations
Total: 30 Units