Besides providing an excellent base for professional careers, a degree in English literature can offer you unmatched intellectual challenges and rewards. The Department provides courses in all major historical periods and national traditions of literature in English. It also offers courses in creative writing and literary theory, along with general interest courses in such topics as literature and film, children's literature, science fiction, graphic novels, and literature and the environment. The Undergraduate English degree lays a foundation for the pursuit of graduate studies, and is also an excellent preparation for professional degrees like Law, Business and Education.

This program is offered in English only. 

Co-operative education is available with this program.

Requirements for this program have been modified. Please consult the 2018-2019 calendars for the previous requirements.

3 course units from:3 Units
Reasoning and Critical Thinking
Philosophy: Ideas and Arguments
3 course units from:3 Units
Introduction to Interdisciplinary Study in the Arts 1
Introduction to Interdisciplinary Study in the Arts 1
Moral Reasoning
Fundamental Philosophical Questions
Great Philosophers
Philosophy: Themes and Texts
ENG 1124Engaging with Literature3 Units
ENG 2101Introduction to Canadian Literature I: Beginnings to 19203 Units
ENG 2102Introduction to Canadian Literature II: 1920 to the Present3 Units
ENG 2103Introduction to American Literature I: Beginnings to 19003 Units
ENG 2104Introduction to American Literature II: 1900 to the Present3 Units
ENG 2105Introduction to British Literature I: Beginnings to 17003 Units
ENG 2106Introduction to British Literature II: 1700 to the Present3 Units
ENG 2124Second-Year Seminar3 Units
9 course units from List A (Literature Before 1700):9 Units
Elizabethan Shakespeare
Jacobean Shakespeare
Early Modern Drama 1485-1642
Medieval Literature I
Medieval Literature II
Sixteenth-Century Literature
Seventeenth-Century Literature
9 course units from List B (Literature 1700-1900):9 Units
Transatlantic Literature 1700-1900
Romantic Literature
Eighteenth-Century Literature
Restoration and 18th-Century Drama
18th-Century and Romantic Fiction
Victorian Literature
Victorian Fiction
American Fiction of the 19th Century
Canadian Literature: The Colonial Period (1760-1866)
Canadian Literature of the Confederation Period (1867-1912)
9 course units from List C (Literature 1900 to the Present):9 Units
Topics in Film Studies
Transnational Literatures 1900-Present
Canadian Drama
Modern British Literature
Canadian Short Story
Modern Drama
Modern Short Story
Modern British Novelists
Emergence of the Modern Imagination
Contemporary Novel
American Fiction 1900 to the Present
American Poetry 1900 to the Present
Native Writing in Canada
Jewish Canadian Writers
Canadian Fiction 1900 to 1950
Canadian Fiction 1950 to the Present
Canadian Poetry 1900 to the Present
Postcolonial Literatures
3 course units from List D (Forms, Theories and Methods):3 Units
Book History: Theories and Methods
Literature and Visual Culture: Theories and Approaches
Narrative Genres: Theories and Approaches
Critical Theory
6 course units at the 4000 level, 3 of which can be fulfilled by a special topics 26 Units
54 elective course units54 Units
Total: 120 Units

The electives may be replaced by a combination of a Minor, Option(s), and/or elective units.