The Bachelor of Science in Nursing is a four-year program. It is offered jointly with two Ottawa-area colleges, and in both official languages. It seeks to prepare the next generation of nurses to offer quality nursing care and to assume leadership within the health care system. Its mandate is to prepare generalist nurses (a) who can work in any place offering nursing care, (b) who have developed effective communication skills, (c) who use their critical thinking and analytical skills at work and (d) who are open to lifelong learning. These programs also lead to graduate studies (MSc, MSc — PHCNP, PhD) in nursing sciences at the University of Ottawa.

This program is offered in English and in French. 

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing can be completed through the following paths:

  1. collaborative program with Algonquin College,
  2. collaborative program with La Cité,
  3. second entry program,
  4. post-RN program (offered in French only),
  5. bridging program for internationally educated nurses and
  6. bridging program for registered practical nurses.

The French immersion is available with this program.

The passing grade for all nursing (NSG) courses is C+. 

Compulsory First-Year Courses:
ANP 1105Human Anatomy and Physiology I3 Units
ANP 1106Human Anatomy and Physiology II3 Units
ANP 1107Human Anatomy and Physiology III3 Units
HSS 1100Microbiology and Immunology3 Units
ENG 1100Workshop in Essay Writing3 Units
HSS 1101Determinants of Health3 Units
PHI 1370Philosophical Issues in Health Care3 Units
PSY 1101Introduction to Psychology: Foundations3 Units
Other Compulsory Courses:
HSS 2381Quantitative Methods in Health Sciences: Continuous Variables3 Units
NSG 2113Introduction to Nursing Science3 Units
NSG 2313Introduction to Nursing Practice3 Units
NSG 2317Health Assessment3 Units
NSG 3301Research in Nursing3 Units
NSG 3103Theory in Nursing3 Units
NSG 3105Care of Adults Experiencing Illness3 Units
NSG 3107Family-Centered Care of Children with Acute and Chronic Illness3 Units
NSG 3111Care of the Childbearing Family3 Units
NSG 3123Community Health Nursing3 Units
NSG 3127Nursing Professionalism and Ethics3 Units
NSG 3137Practicum: Mental Health3 Units
NSG 3305Practicum: Care of Adults Experiencing Illness3 Units
NSG 3307Practicum: Family-Centered Care of Children with Acute and Chronic Illness3 Units
NSG 3311Practicum: Childbearing Family3 Units
NSG 3320Mental Health Nursing3 Units
NSG 3323Practicum: Community Health Nursing3 Units
NSG 4134Political and Economic Contexts of Health Care3 Units
NSG 4245Practicum: Consolidation9 Units
NSG 4330Complex Nursing Care3 Units
NSG 4430Practicum: Complex Nursing Care6 Units
PHA 3112Clinical Pharmacology3 Units
PHS 4300Pathophysiology3 Units
PSY 2114Lifespan Psychology3 Units
SAI 4120Interprofessional Health Care Practice3 Units
12 elective course units12 Units
Total: 120 Units