Common Law

As a law school accredited by the Canadian Federation of Law Societies, the Common Law Section of the Faculty of Law offers a full range of courses in public law, private law, litigation and dispute resolution, aboriginal law, international law and human rights, technology law, and environmental law, all with numerous opportunities for experiential learning.

Civil Law

At the undergraduate level, the Civil Law Section of the Faculty of Law offers the following programs in French only: Licentiate in Law, Licentiate in Law and Honours BSocSc in International Development and Globalization, Licentiate in Law-MBA Program and the Canadian Law Program.

The National Program, the General Certificate in Law and the Minor in Law are offered in both English and French.

This program is offered in French only, although knowledge of English is required. 


For more than 50 years, uOttawa’s Faculty of Law has been offering programs in both official languages in the two most widely used legal systems in the world, Common Law and Civil Law. The Programme de droit canadien (PDC) allows students to earn both a JD and an LLL in three years, thus opening the doors to the practice of law across Canada and abroad.

Requirements for this program have been modified. Please consult the 2017-2018 calendars for the previous requirements.

Compulsory Courses (72 units):
CML 1503Droit pénal3 Units
CML 1506Introduction à la résolution des différends et au professionnalisme 13 Units
CML 1508Droit des biens3 Units
CML 1602Les contrats6 Units
CML 1611Compétences et habiletés juridiques6 Units
CML 1613Droit constitutionnel I3 Units
CML 1701Délits civils et responsabilité extracontractuelle I3 Units
CML 1702Délits civils et responsabilité extracontractuelle II3 Units
CML 1704Législation3 Units
CML 1705Droit, histoire et société3 Units
CML 2702Droit des sociétés3 Units
CML 2712Droit administratif3 Units
CML 2713Droit constitutionnel II 23 Units
CML 2741Philosophie du droit3 Units
CML 3776Responsabilité professionnelle3 Units
DRC 4789Droit international privé bijuridique3 Units
DRC 4790Droit des obligations I3 Units
DRC 4791Droit des biens3 Units
DRC 4792Droit des personnes et de la famille3 Units
DRC 4794Droit des obligations II3 Units
DRC 4797Procédure civile I3 Units
DRC 4798Procédure civile II3 Units
Optional Courses (36 course credits)
3 optional course units from: 33 Units
Les autochtones et le droit
Selected Problems in Aboriginal Peoples and the Law
Advanced Aboriginal Law
Comparative Indigenous Rights
L'ordre juridique innu
L'ordre juridique cri
Droit des autochtones
33 optional course units in common law (CML) or civil law (DRC) 333 Units
Total: 108 Units


Students in this program must meet the Common Law Section oral advocacy requirement. The requirement is met by taking DRC 4797 and  DRC 4798.

Students in this program must meet the Common Law Section major paper requirement.

Students in this program cannot take a common law course whose content is substantially the same as that of a civil law course they have taken as part of this program. Similarly, they cannot take a civil law course that is substantially the same as a common law course they have taken as part of the program. 

In light of the PDC's mandate, a truly 'Canadian' legal education does not seem complete if it is limited to the study of the two European legal traditions. The aboriginal perspective brings a different approach to bear on legal questions which will enrich the program. The three units in aboriginal law can be completed by taking a traditional course, by completing a directed research or an internship.

Common Law academic regulations apply. With exception of the CGPA required to obtain both diplomas (GPA required: 4.0).