Did you know that millions of words are translated in Ottawa every week? That is why the region's many employers are eager to host our trainees and hire our graduates. The School of Translation and Interpretation and its teaching staff are internationally recognized for excellence in both training and research. The curriculum includes practical and theoretical seminars and courses in writing, editing, terminology and computer-assisted translation, thus providing you with comprehensive professional training in general, specialized and technical translation. The Honours BA includes the co-operative education option, which combines academic studies with paid experience in the workplace. With a degree from the School, you readily qualify for many well-paid positions, because you easily fulfill the demands of the language industry and of associations of professional translators. 

The School also offers an introductory course in interpretation, as well as translation courses into and out of Spanish, which aim to meet some of the needs generated by the globalization of business. In fact, you can graduate with a diploma as a trilingual translator. From 2017, the School will also include courses in Chinese-English translation. Honours students are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity of studying abroad for a year.

The minor in translation (which must be combined with another program of study) introduces you to professional translation into your dominant language. 

Finally, students who already hold a university degree have the option of taking a two-year accelerated Honours BA program, which provides them with an invaluable professional degree.

Courses in this program are taught in English and in French. 

The table below includes only discipline-specific courses. Please refer to the Academic Regulations for information on including a minor to your degree.

TRA 2110General Translation from French into English (L1) I3 Units
TRA 2112General Translation from French Into English (L1) II3 Units
TRA 2313Problems in English (L1) for Translators I3 Units
TRA 2314Problems in English (L1) for Translators II3 Units
TRA 2988Documentation and Lexicology3 Units
TRA 3114General Translation from French into English (L1) III3 Units
TRA 3155Introduction to Terminology and Terminotics3 Units
9 optional course units in translation (TRA) from the list of optional courses9 Units
Total: 30 Units

List of Optional Courses

TRA 3112Specialized Translation from French into English (L1) I3 Units
TRA 3133Technical Translation from French into English (L1) I3 Units
TRA 3313Writing Techniques for Translators and Professional Writers I3 Units
TRA 3956Translation Technologies3 Units
TRA 4110Specialized Translation from French into English (L1) II3 Units
TRA 4133Technical Translation from French into English (L1) II3 Units