At the undergraduate level, the Civil Law Section of the Faculty of Law offers the following programs in French only: Licentiate in Law, Licentiate in Law and Honours BSocSc in International Development and Globalization, Licentiate in Law-MBA Program and the Canadian Law Program.

The National Program, the General Certificate in Law and the Minor in Law are offered in both English and French.


The table below includes only discipline-specific courses. Please refer to the Academic Regulations for information on including a minor to your degree.

The minor program in Law introduces the nature and role of rules that dictate human activities at the private and public levels. However, these are not professional programs like the licentiate.

This program can be chosen only as a second study module as part of a 120-unit bachelor’s degree that allows a minor.

DCC 2117Introduction to the Study of Law3 Units
DCC 2118General Public Law3 Units
DCC 2119Protection of Rights and Freedoms3 Units
3 course units from: Legal Theory3 Units
Law and Social Justice
Legal Theory and Social Sciences
3 course units from: Fundamental Legal Concepts3 Units
Law of Obligations
Criminal Law
Law of Persons and Family Law
15 optional course units in law (DCC) from:15 Units
Legal Aspects of Human Rights
Introduction to International Women's Rights Law
Law of Obligations
Criminal Law
Law of Persons and Family Law
Canadian Federalism Law
Labour Law
Environmental Law
Health and the Law
Inter American System of Human Rights
Human Rights in the Age of the Universal Declaration
Human Rights and Justice in Africa: Theory and Practice
Arts and Human Rights
Public International Law
Legal Analysis Workshop
Administrative Law
Statutory Interpretation
Governmental Liability
Occupational Health and Safety Law
Consumer Law
Prevention and Settlement of Disputes
Intellectual and Industrial Property
Society, Technology and the Law
European Union Law
Philosophy of Law
Major Systems of Contemporary Law
Protection of Civilians in International Law
Law of the Elderly
Selected Topics in Law
Selected Topics in Civil Law
Selected Topics in Public Law
Environment and Human Rights
Women and the Law
Law, Medicine and Biology
Children and the Law
Aboriginal Peoples and the Law
Total: 30 Units