The international community has, for several decades, sought to prevent and end conflict while helping to build sustainable peace. Where has it succeeded and how, and why does it fail elsewhere? 

Our program explores the causes and consequences of the many armed conflicts that persist around the world and brings you to objectively reflect on issues such as human rights, war, peace, international security and much more. 

If you're interested in understanding the fascinating complexity of conflict studies and human rights, this program is the perfect fit for you!

This program is offered in English and in French.

The table below includes only discipline-specific courses. Please refer to the Academic Regulations for information on including a minor to your degree.

Compulsory courses
ECH 1100Introduction to the Study of Conflicts and Human Rights3 Units
ECH 2300Introduction to International Human Rights Law and Institutions3 Units
ECH 2330Theories of Conflict3 Units
Optional courses
9 optional coure units in Conflict Studies and Human Rights (ECH)9 Units
12 optional course units from the list of optional courses12 Units
Total: 30 Units

List of Optional Courses

ANT 3307Contemporary Japanese Society3 Units
ANT 3340Anthropology of Latin America and the Caribbean3 Units
ANT 3341Anthropology of Oceania3 Units
ANT 3342Anthropology of Africa3 Units
CRM 3323Globalization, Crime and Justice3 Units
CRM 4316Violence and Society3 Units
DVM 3117Public International Law3 Units
DVM 4108Conflict and Development3 Units
DVM 4117Protection of Civilians in International Law3 Units
DVM 4120International Development Issues in Africa3 Units
DVM 4125International Development Issues in Asia3 Units
DVM 4130International Development Issues in Latin America3 Units
ECH 3330Special Topics in Conflict Studies and Human Rights3 Units
ECH 4010International Internship in Conflict Studies and Human Rights6 Units
ECH 4210Conflict and Human Rights Field Research6 Units
ECH 4310Selected Research Topics in Human Rights3 Units
ECH 4320Conflict Resolution and Peace Building3 Units
ECH 4325The Challenge of Democracy in International Affairs3 Units
ECH 4330Selected Research Topics in Conflict Studies3 Units
ECH 4335Track Two Diplomacy3 Units
ECH 4350Conflicts and the Peace Process in the Middle East3 Units
ECH 4355Conflicts and the Peace Process: Selected Topics3 Units
FEM 2107Diversities of Women: Gender, Race, Class and (Dis)ability3 Units
GEG 2108Contested Places3 Units
HIS 2160History of the Middle East from World War I3 Units
HIS 2171Latin America, Modern Period3 Units
HIS 2178History of East Asia from 1600 to the Present3 Units
HIS 2342Europe in the 20th Century3 Units
HIS 2376The African Past3 Units
POL 3124The Politics of Security3 Units
POL 3162Political Violence3 Units
POL 4184Democratization and Authoritarianism3 Units
POL 4189Politics of Human Rights3 Units
PSY 3102Interpersonal Relationships3 Units
PSY 3126Cross-Cultural Psychology3 Units
SCS 1150Introduction to Studying the Social Sciences3 Units
SOC 3137Sociology of Minority Groups3 Units
SOC 4121Ethnic and National Questions3 Units
SOC 4305Conflicts and Social Movements3 Units
SRS 1112The Religions of the World I3 Units
SRS 2113The Religions of the World II3 Units
SRS 2195Religion and Politics in Global Society3 Units
Courses offered by Saint Paul University: 1
ECS 2103 Negotiation3 Units
ECS 2104 Mediation3 Units
ECS 2123 Dialogue3 Units
ECS 2124 Local and Community Responses to Conflict3 Units
ECS 2126 Indigenous Peoples and Conflict3 Units
ECS 2928 Language and Conflict in Canada3 Units
ECS 3101 Introduction to Technical and Legal Aspects of Conflict Resolutions3 Units
ECS 3123 Psychological Impacts of Conflicts3 Units
ECS 3124 Conflict in Organizations3 Units
ECS 3125 Peaceful Resolution of Violent Conflict3 Units
ECS 3126 Discrimination and Conflict3 Units
ECS 3140 Gender Relations and Conflict3 Units
ECS 3530 Sujets spéciaux en études de conflits3 Units
ECS 4101 Causes of Conflict I: Biological and Psychological Approaches3 Units
ECS 4102 Causes of Conflict II: Sociological and Rationalist Approaches3 Units