This program is currently under revision. At this time, we are not accepting applications.

The Department of Modern Languages and Literatures offers a minor in Asian studies. Chinese, with more than 1.3 billion speakers, represents the world's largest linguistic community, while Japanese is the language of the world's third-largest economy. Besides Chinese and Japanese language courses at all levels, the program features topics in Asian culture, literature, history, religion, philosophy, anthropology, politics and development. It is designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of Asia's multi-faceted role in the contemporary world and of its historical and cultural transformations. 

Students are encouraged to participate in summer programs in China and Japan as well as to engage in volunteer opportunities offered through the Centre for Global and Community Engagement of the University of Ottawa. 

The wide range of skills and knowledge you acquire not only gives you important academic assets, but also prepares you for interesting careers in both the public and private sectors.

All of our language courses are taught in Chinese or in Japanese. Other courses are offered in English or in French.

The table below includes only discipline-specific courses. Please refer to the Academic Regulations for information on including a minor to your degree.

One option from the following:6 Units
Option 1: Chinese
Introduction to Chinese I 1
Introduction to Chinese II 1
Option 2: Japanese
Introduction to Japanese I 1
Introduction to Japanese II 1
6 course units from the courses offered at the Faculty of Arts 26 Units
6 course units from the courses offered at the Faculty of Social Sciences 26 Units
12 optional course units from both lists of optional courses 212 Units
Total: 30 Units


List of Optional Courses

List of courses offered at the Faculty of Arts
ASI 3110Selected Topics in East Asian Culture3 Units
ASI 3111East Asian Cinemas3 Units
CHN 2101Introduction to Chinese Culture3 Units
GEG 4702Le développement des villes3 Units
HIS 2175Southeast Asian Civilizations to the 18th Century3 Units
HIS 2176Southeast Asian Civilizations from the 18th Century to the Present3 Units
HIS 2177History of East Asia from Antiquity to 16003 Units
HIS 2178History of East Asia from 1600 to the Present3 Units
HIS 3175A History of the Vietnam Wars3 Units
HIS 3180Selected Topics in Asian History3 Units
HIS 4184Seminar in Asian History3 Units
JPN 2101Introduction to Japanese Culture3 Units
PHI 2389Asian Philosophy3 Units
SRS 3312Hinduism3 Units
SRS 3313Buddhism3 Units
SRS 3318Religion in China and Japan3 Units
List of courses offered at the Faculty of Social Sciences
ANT 3343Anthropology of East Asia3 Units
DVM 4125International Development Issues in Asia3 Units
POL 3114Comparative Politics: Asia3 Units
SCS 3170Selected Topics in Asian Studies: Socio-Political Issues3 Units