In the Minor and Major in World Cinemas, you explore the major trends that have shaped film from its birth to its current state. Comprised of courses from various departments at the Faculty of Arts (Communication, EnglishFrançais, Modern Languages and Literature, and Music), these programs gives you the knowledge you need to better appreciate the world's greatest cinematographic works and the legacy they've left for all humanity. What's more, as globalization transforms the world and as cultural products cross borders faster and faster, cinema is both a particularly effective tool for helping us to know ourselves and others and a catalyst for more productive personal and cross-cultural understanding and dialogue.

This program is offered in English and in French. 

The table below includes only the discipline-specific courses. Please refer to the Academic Regulations for information on the Honours bachelor's with double major and the Honours bachelor's with major and minor.

French immersion is available when taken as part of an honours degree.

Requirements for this program have been modified. Please consult the 2015-2016 calendars for the previous requirements.

CIN 2101History of Cinema I: 1895-19603 Units
CIN 2102History of Cinema II: since 19603 Units
CIN 3101Cinema, Nation and Identity3 Units
CIN 3103Theories of Cinema3 Units
CIN 4101Film Analysis3 Units
3 course units from:3 Units
Canadian and Quebec Cinema I: fiction
Canadian and Quebec Cinema II: documentary
12 optional course units from the Block I - World Cinemas list of optional courses 112 Units
12 optional course units from Block II - Genres and Intermediality list of optional courses 212 Units
Total: 42 Units


List of Optional Courses

Block I - World Cinemas
ALG 3330Cinema in the German Speaking Countries3 Units
ARB 3101Arabic Cinema and Visual Media3 Units
ASI 3111East Asian Cinemas3 Units
CIN 3121African Cinema3 Units
CIN 3122French cinema3 Units
CIN 3123Indigenous Cinema3 Units
CIN 3124American Cinema3 Units
CIN 3197Canadian and Quebec Cinema I: fiction3 Units
CIN 3198Canadian and Quebec Cinema II: documentary3 Units
ESP 2101Spanish and Latin American Cinema3 Units
FRE 3744La francophonie par les films3 Units
ITA 1113Italian Cinema3 Units
PLN 2102Polish Post-War Cinema3 Units
POR 3101Literature and Cinema of the Portuguese Speaking Countries3 Units
RUS 2104Russian Cinema3 Units
YDD 2104Yiddish Literature and Film3 Units
Block II - Genres and Intermediality
CIN 3110Special Topics in Film Studies3 Units
CIN 4121International Queer Cinema3 Units
CIN 4122Cinema and Intermediality3 Units
CIN 4150Seminar in World Cinemas3 Units
CIN 4151Special topic on genres films3 Units
CMN 2167Video I3 Units
ENG 2140Literature and Film3 Units
ESP 3901Hispanic Cinema and Literature3 Units
MUS 2310Music in the Movies3 Units