This program is currently under revision. At this time, we are not accepting applications.

The Department of Modern Languages and Literatures offers a range of courses focusing on the language, history and culture of a fascinating country—Russia. Russian, which is spoken in Russia and throughout the former Soviet Union, in the now independent states in Central Asia and Eastern Europe, ranks fourth among the world's most widely used languages. Russia has a population of some 143 million and is the largest country in the world, geographically speaking. 

In the Russian program you will learn first-hand about Russian civilization: its famed writers, such as Tolstoy and Dostoevsky, its innovative cinema, theatre and ballet, and many other aspects of Russian culture and the arts. 

Canada and Russia share a northern identity and there are many joint initiatives, including Arctic and space exploration. If you wish to pursue a career in these fields, knowledge of the Russian language and culture is a great asset. Since the fall of communism, the Russian economy and Russian life in general have gained new vigour, presenting numerous opportunities for cultural, scientific and business projects. 

If you wish to discover the world and learn Russian at the same time, the major is for you. It includes a mandatory immersion stay abroad in a Russian-speaking university. A mobility scholarship to help you cover the cost of your travel and stay is available.

Courses in this program are taught in Russian, English or French.

The table below includes only the discipline-specific courses. Please refer to the Academic Regulations for information on the Honours bachelor's with double major and the Honours bachelor's with major and minor.

Compulsory Courses (24 units):
RUS 1901Elementary Russian I3 Units
RUS 1902Elementary Russian II3 Units
RUS 2901Intermediate Russian I3 Units
RUS 2902Intermediate Russian II3 Units
RUS 3901Advanced Russian I3 Units
RUS 3902Advanced Russian II3 Units
RUS 2101Introduction to Russian Culture3 Units
RUS 2103Contemporary Russian Culture3 Units
Optional Courses (18 units):
18 course units in Russian (RUS) 1, 218 Units
Total: 42 Units

 Mandatory Requirement: Immersion Stay Abroad

A minimum of 12 units will be taken abroad in a university where Russian is the language of teaching and study. The University of Ottawa will establish RUS course equivalencies. The foreign university and the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures will establish jointly a bank of courses from which students will choose the units to take.

Eligibility requirements:

  • must have completed RUS 3901 and RUS 2101;
  • must have a minimum cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 5.0;
  • must not be on probation;
Students will receive a total of $2000 in funding (i.e. a $1000 mobility scholarship from the International Office and $1000 from the Faculty of Arts).