At the undergraduate level, the Civil Law Section of the Faculty of Law offers the following programs in French only: Licentiate in Law, Licentiate in Law and Honours BSocSc in International Development and Globalization, Canadian Law Program, and Licentiate in Law-MBA Program. The Master of Business Administration is offered in both English and French.

The National Program, the General Certificate in Law and the Minor in Law are offered in both English and French.

The Joint LLL-MBA Program offered by the Faculty of Law, Common Law Section, and the Telfer School of Management allows students to earn a Licentiate in Law (LLL) as well as a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in three years. It educates future leaders so that, through their knowledge and skills, they can make their name in these two complementary fields. The program is aimed at the small number of highly qualified individuals who want to take on senior-level responsibilities in both major law firms and the business world, in the public, broader public or private sector.

Civil Law (72 units)
DRC 1500Enseignement appliqué I3 Units
DRC 1503Fondements du droit3 Units
DRC 1506Droit des personnes et de la famille3 Units
DRC 1507Droit des biens3 Units
DRC 1508Droit public fondamental3 Units
DRC 1514Droit des obligations I3 Units
DRC 1705Droit constitutionnel I3 Units
DRC 1706Droit judiciaire I3 Units
DRC 1707Droit pénal I3 Units
DRC 1708Droit international public3 Units
DRC 1714Droit des obligations II3 Units
DRC 2500Enseignement appliqué II : Introduction au règlement des différends3 Units
DRC 2501Droit de l'entreprise I3 Units
DRC 2508Droit administratif3 Units
DRC 2509Droits et libertés3 Units
DRC 2514Droit des obligations III3 Units
DRC 3500Enseignement appliqué III : Séminaire d'exposé juridique3 Units
DRC 3501Droit international privé3 Units
12 optional course units from the list of courses offered by the Civil Law Section12 Units
3 optional course units from the International Law group3 Units
3 optional course units from the Foundations of Law and Comparative Law group3 Units
Business Administration (48 units)
MBA 5211Corporate Governance and Ethics1.5 Units
MBA 5235Management Skills I1.5 Units
MBA 5236Leadership and Management1.5 Units
MBA 5237Change Management1.5 Units
MBA 5241Managerial Accounting Information and Decisions1.5 Units
MBA 5260The World of the General Manager and of Strategic Management1.5 Units
MBA 5265Performance Management1.5 Units
MBA 5270Knowledge and Information Management1.5 Units
MBA 5280Operations Management1.5 Units
MBA 5300Data Analysis3 Units
MBA 5320Strategic Marketing Management3 Units
MBA 5330Organization Behaviour and Human Resources Management3 Units
MBA 5340Financial Accounting Information and Decisions3 Units
MBA 5350Corporate Financial Management3 Units
MBA 5355Economics for the Global Manager3 Units
MBA 5360Strategy Formulation and Implementation3 Units
MBA 6269Management Consulting1.5 Units
MBA 6499MBA Consulting Project4.5 Units
7.5 optional course units in Master of Business Administration (MBA)7.5 Units
Total: 120 Units