This program trains specialists who can perform case work with individuals, groups and communities and who have a solid grasp of both the theories and the social and political contexts surrounding social work. Through a combination of classroom instruction and two full practicum sessions, students learn to apply intervention techniques in the context of issues linked to poverty and social inequalities (based on sex, ethnicity, physical or mental ability, sexual orientation, etc.). 

This program is offered in French only.

The French immersion is available with this program.

Requirements for this program have been modified. Please consult the 2018-2019 calendars for the previous requirements.

Basic skills
FRA 1710Analyse, écriture et argumentation I3 Units
FRA 1720Analyse, écriture et argumentation II3 Units
Compulsory courses at the 1000 level
SVS 1500Introduction au service social3 Units
SVS 1501Diversité et service social3 Units
Compulsory courses at the 2000 level
SCS 2550Introduction à la méthodologie en sciences sociales3 Units
SVS 2515Méthodes d'intervention en service social3 Units
SVS 2520État-providence, politiques sociales et service social3 Units
SVS 2530Familles, générations et service social3 Units
Compulsory courses at the 3000 level
SVS 3505Fondements théoriques de l'intervention sociale3 Units
SVS 3515Laboratoire de préparation au stage3 Units
SVS 3525Intégration des expériences de stage I3 Units
SVS 3620Stage d'intervention I9 Units
Compulsory courses at the 4000 level
SVS 4505Recherche communautaire et recherche-action en service social3 Units
SVS 4510Intégration des expériences de stage II3 Units
SVS 4620Stage d'intervention II9 Units
Optional courses
12 optional course units in social work (SVS) at the 3000 or 4000 level12 Units
Elective courses
51 elective course units51 Units
or 21 elective course units plus a minor
Total: 120 Units