Investigate Earth as a professional environmental geoscientist to understand environmental interactions between geology, biology and hydrology.

The Environmental Geoscience program integrates the Environmental Science and Geology programs in one stream that balances biology and chemistry-oriented courses with solid Earth-based courses. Environmental geoscience requires multidisciplinary study — students acquires a wide range of expertise to understand the environmental interactions between solid Earth, the biosphere, the atmosphere and the oceans.

The combination of analytical courses and frequent field trips gives students hands-on exposure to all aspects of environmental geoscience. The final year involves an independent research project or equivalent units (credits) in advanced environmental geoscience courses in the specialization.

Students who follow the suggested course sequence can meet professional accreditation requirements of the Association of Professional Geoscientists of Ontario and the Ordre des géologues du Québec.

This program is offered in English and in French.

Co-operative education is available with this program.

The extended French stream is available with this program.

Compulsory courses at the 1000 level
BIO 1130Introduction to Organismal Biology3 Units
CHM 1311Principles of Chemistry3 Units
EVS 1101Introduction to Environmental Science3 Units
GEO 1111Introduction to Earth Systems3 Units
GEO 1115Introduction to Earth Materials3 Units
MAT 1330Calculus for the Life Sciences I3 Units
MAT 1332Calculus for the Life Sciences II3 Units
PHY 1121Fundamentals of Physics I3 Units
PHY 1122Fundamentals of Physics II3 Units
Compulsory courses at the 2000 level
BIO 2129Ecology3 Units
GEG 2320Introduction to Geomatics3 Units
GEO 2020Field Studies I3 Units
GEO 2163Introduction to Mineralogy3 Units
GEO 2165Stratigraphy and Sedimentation3 Units
GEO 2166Oceanography3 Units
GEO 2321Structural Geology and Tectonics3 Units
GEO 2334Quaternary Geology and Climate Change3 Units
Compulsory courses at the 3000 level
EVS 3120Environmental Microbiology3 Units
GEO 3163Igneous Petrology3 Units
GEO 3191Applied Geophysics3 Units
GEO 3342Introduction to Hydrogeology3 Units
GEO 3382Geochemistry3 Units
Compulsory courses at the 4000 level
EVS 4010Field Course in Environmental Science3 Units
One option from the following:6 Units
Option 1: Honours Project
Honours Project
Option 2: Honours Project Substitution
3 optional course units in Geology (GEO) or in Environmental Science (EVS) at the 4000 level
3 optional course units in Geology (GEO) or in Environmental Science (EVS) at the 3000 or 4000 level
Optional courses
3 optional course units from:3 Units
Physical Chemistry: Introduction to the Molecular Properties of Matter
Descriptive Inorganic Chemistry
3 optional course units from:3 Units
Probability and Statistics for Engineers
Introduction to Biostatistics
9 optional course units in geology (GEO) or in Environmental Science (EVS)at the 3000 or 4000 level9 Units
12 elective course units from the Faculty of Arts, the Faculty of Education, the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Social Sciences or the Telfer School of Management 112 Units
18 elective course units18 Units
Total: 120 Units


This program can satisfy the academic requirements of the Association of Professional Geoscientists of Ontario. Check APGO's website for current eligible courses which can be used for accreditation.

Suggested elective courses: GEO 3167, GEO 4301, GEO 4342, GEO 4382, GEG 3105, GEG 3312, GEG 3102, EVS 4904.