The Department of Communication offers an Honours Bachelor in Public Relations. This is a joint program with Algonquin College (in English) and with La Cité (in French).

In Canada, there is a high demand in the public relations industry. This career offers you a wide variety of functions and tasks: developing communication plans, strategies, and materials; organizing events; producing visual and online materials; and managing crises. Public relations are ubiquitous in politics, business, NGOs, and the entertainment industry.

There are two ways to complete this degree:

1) Register for the honours bachelor's degree at the University and, after completing 75 units there (five sessions), transfer to Algonquin College to complete the diploma program in public relations. Because of space limitations at Algonquin, the college can only accept 25 students in this stream. Also, you must have an average of at least 70% (CPGA of 6.0 at uOttawa) to be admitted.

2) Start by completing two years in public relations at Algonquin College (you must maintain an average of at least 70%, GPA of 3.0 at the college level) and then transfer to uOttawa to do five more sessions (75 units). The University has no registration limits in this case.

This program is offered in English and in French.

Requirements for this program have been modified. Please consult the 2015-2016 calendars for the previous requirements.

CMN 1148Introduction to Organizational Communication3 Units
CMN 1160Introduction to Media Studies3 Units
ENG 1100Workshop in Essay Writing3 Units
3 course units from:3 Units
Reasoning and Critical Thinking
Philosophy: Ideas and Arguments
CMN 2101Research Methods in Communication3 Units
CMN 2130Interpersonal Communication3 Units
CMN 2148Organizational Communication3 Units
CMN 2160Theories of the Media3 Units
CMN 3102Quantitative Methods3 Units
CMN 3103Qualitative Methods3 Units
CMN 3105Media Ethics3 Units
CMN 3109Advanced Theories of Communication3 Units
CMN 3144Public Relations 13 Units
CMN 3155Public Opinion3 Units
CMN 4144Advanced Public Relations Seminar3 Units
6 course units in communication (CMN) from:6 Units
Ethics and Information Society
Negotiation and Mediation
Audience Research
12 optional course units in communication (CMN) from the list of optional courses12 Units
12 optional course units in administration (ADM), in economics (ECO), in history (HIS), in political science (POL), or in psychology (PSY) 212 Units
45 course units in equivalences for the diploma in Public Relations from Algonquin College45 Units
Total: 120 Units


List of Optional Courses

CMN 2152Image and Communication3 Units
CMN 2168Globalization and Communication3 Units
CMN 2170New Media3 Units
CMN 2173Advertising and Society3 Units
CMN 2180Popular Culture and Communication3 Units
CMN 2181Intercultural Communication3 Units
CMN 3130Communication Planning3 Units
CMN 3133Political Communication3 Units
CMN 3148Organizational Communication Consulting and Training3 Units
CMN 3165Media Industries3 Units
CMN 3174Advertising Techniques3 Units
CMN 3182Policy Studies3 Units
CMN 4105Ethics and Information Society3 Units
CMN 4115Media and Public Broadcasting3 Units
CMN 4129Communication and Change in Organizations3 Units
CMN 4131Negotiation and Mediation3 Units
CMN 4148Communication in Governmental Organizations3 Units
CMN 4166Audience Research3 Units