Journalism is currently undergoing a digital shift (Internet, mobile and tablet technology, data journalism), driving change in journalistic practice and forcing practitioners to develop new skills techniques and approaches. Today's journalists need to fill a diversity of roles, requiring not only a good understanding of emerging social trends, but also specialized expertise and knowledge. 

With this program, students (future digital journalists) will better understand the challenges related to journalism in the Digital Age, in order to help them enter the fast-changing media industry. Upon graduation, you will be qualified for an exciting career as a journalist, researcher, presenter, media analyst, producer, etc.

The Department of Communication offers the Honours Bachelor in Digital Journalism jointly with Algonquin College (in English), with La Cité (in French), and with the CÉGEP de Jonquière (in French). Courses at the Department of Communication will provide theoretical, analytical and critical foundations, while courses at the College will focus on practical training. Combining both theory and practice, this training is bound to give you a head start.

This program is offered in English and in French. 

Requirements for this program have been modified. Please consult the 2018-2019 calendars for the previous requirements.

Students enrolled in the Honours Bachelor of Digital Journalism in English must take all journalism (JOU) courses in English (JOU 1150, JOU 3100, JOU 3300, JOU 4100 and JOU 4300)

CMN 1160Introduction to Media Studies3 Units
JOU 1150History of Journalism3 Units
CMN 2101Research Methods in Communication3 Units
CMN 2170New Media3 Units
CMN 3102Quantitative Methods3 Units
ENG 3170Writing for Digital Media II3 Units
ENG 3171Communication in the Information Age3 Units
JOU 3100Digital Journalism I3 Units
JOU 3300Theories of Journalism3 Units
JOU 3916Internship3 Units
CMN 4115Media and Public Broadcasting3 Units
CMN 4170Social Uses of New Media3 Units
JOU 4100Digital Journalism II3 Units
JOU 4300Sociology of Journalism : From Production to Reception3 Units
3 course units from:3 Units
Media Ethics
Journalism Ethics
3 optional course units in communication (CMN) from the list of optional courses3 Units
3 optional course units in English (ENG) from the list of optional courses3 Units
9 optional course units in economics (ECO), geography (GEG), in history (HIS), in political science (POL) or in sociology (SOC) from the list of optional courses9 Units
60 course units in equivalences for the diploma in Journalism from Algonquin College60 Units
Total: 120 Units

List of Optional Courses

CMN 2152Image and Communication3 Units
CMN 3104Women and Media3 Units
CMN 3133Political Communication3 Units
CMN 3155Public Opinion3 Units
CMN 3165Media Industries3 Units
CMN 4105Ethics and Information Society3 Units
CMN 4115Media and Public Broadcasting3 Units
CMN 4185Political Economy of the Media3 Units
ECO 1102Introduction to Macroeconomics3 Units
ECO 1104Introduction to Microeconomics3 Units
ECO 2113Canada and the World Economy3 Units
ENG 2137The Politics of Literature3 Units
ENG 2151Literature and the Sciences3 Units
ENG 3112Narrative Genres: Theories and Approaches3 Units
ENG 3375Critical Theory3 Units
GEG 1301The Physical Environment3 Units
GEG 1302Places and Spaces of Human Activity3 Units
GEG 2110Sustainable Cities3 Units
GEG 2320Introduction to Geomatics3 Units
HIS 1101The Making of Canada3 Units
HIS 1111The Twentieth-Century World from 19453 Units
HIS 1120What Is Europe? (16th-21th Century)3 Units
HIS 2153The United States from 1945 to the Present3 Units
POL 1101Introduction to Political Science3 Units
POL 2101Introduction to Canadian Politics3 Units
POL 2103Introduction to International Relations and Global Politics3 Units
POL 2107Introduction to Political Thought3 Units
POL 3126Women and Politics3 Units
SOC 1101Principles of Sociology3 Units
SOC 2103Socio-anthropology of the Family3 Units
SOC 2104Women, Men and Society3 Units
SOC 2106Introduction to Deviance and Social Problems3 Units
SOC 2309Canadian Society3 Units
SOC 2312Political Sociology3 Units