The Business Technology Management program (BTM) is designed to allow students to develop core competencies and skill sets in management information systems and analytics. This option exposes students to business systems and management principles, and provides a sound knowledge of information technology and its application to the business environment. It prepares students to become recognized information systems professionals with solid foundations in information systems management. Students gain knowledge and core competencies in best management practices and recent developments in information technology. 

The option is recommended for students seeking a career as information systems professionals, including as a business/systems analyst, system developer, IT project manager, security specialist, IT consultant, network administrator, database administrator, systems auditor or management consultant specializing in management information systems. 

This program is offered in English and in French. 

Co-operative education is available with this program.

The French immersion is available with this program.

Common Core courses
ADM 1300Introduction to Business Management3 Units
ADM 1301Social Context of Business3 Units
ADM 1340Financial Accounting3 Units
ADM 1370Applications of Information Technology for Business3 Units
ECO 1102Introduction to Macroeconomics3 Units
ECO 1104Introduction to Microeconomics3 Units
ENG 1131Effective Business English3 Units
3 course units from:3 Units
Reasoning and Critical Thinking
Philosophy: Ideas and Arguments
MAT 1300Mathematical Methods I3 Units
MAT 1302Mathematical Methods II3 Units
ADM 2302Business Analytics3 Units
ADM 2303Statistics for Management3 Units
ADM 2304Applications of Statistical Methods in Business3 Units
ADM 2320Marketing3 Units
ADM 2336Organizational Behaviour3 Units
ADM 2337Human Resource Management3 Units
ADM 2341Managerial Accounting3 Units
ADM 2350Financial Management3 Units
ADM 2372Management Information Systems3 Units
ADM 2381Business Communication Skills3 Units
PHI 2397Business Ethics3 Units
ADM 3301Operations Management3 Units
ADM 3318International Business3 Units
ADM 4311Strategic Management3 Units
Total: 72 Units
Option courses
ITI 1120Introduction to Computing I3 Units
ADM 3308Business Data Mining3 Units
ADM 3378Emerging Topics in Management Information Systems3 Units
ADM 3379Systems Analysis, Development, and Performance3 Units
ADM 4377Digital Enterprise Systems and Strategies3 Units
6 optional course units from:6 Units
Business Simulation Analytics
Business Forecasting Analytics
Business Communications Networks
Management and Implementation of Web Technologies in Organizations
3 optional course units in administration (ADM)3 Units
Total: 24 Units
Complementary Option courses
ADM 2313The Entrepreneurial Society3 Units
ADM 3313New Venture Creation3 Units
ADM 4315Strategic Entrepreneurship3 Units
ADM 4316Management of Innovation3 Units
Total: 12 Units
Elective courses
12 elective course units from another faculty 1, 212 Units
Total: 12 Units