If French is your second language and you're hoping to have an immersion experience in France, learn more about French-language culture and literature, or teach French in an English-language setting, then the French Studies program offered by the Département de français is just what you need. 

You start by taking language courses for non-Francophones to improve your French-language skills. Then, you can study the cultures and literatures of France, Quebec, the Franco-Ontarian community and other Francophone communities by taking courses for non-Francophones, all of which include cultural, linguistic and literary components. This is an ideal formula if your goal is to teach French as a second language. 

(If you are interested in teaching in elementary or high school, you will have to add a BEd in the Faculty of Education to your first degree.) 

Another advantage of the French Studies program: it allows you to pursue a master's in French, which will give you the opportunity to teach at the college level or open the door to very interesting careers, for example, in the public service.

This program is offered in French only to non-Francophones. 

Requirements for this program have been modified. Please consult the 2015-2016 calendars for the previous requirements.

ENG 1100Workshop in Essay Writing3 Units
3 course units from:3 Units
Reasoning and Critical Thinking
Philosophy: Ideas and Arguments
3 course units from:3 Units
Literature and Composition I: Prose Fiction
Literature and Composition II: Drama and Poetry
3 course units from:3 Units
Introduction to Interdisciplinary Study in the Arts 1
Introduction to Interdisciplinary Study in the Arts 1
Moral Reasoning
Fundamental Philosophical Questions
Great Philosophers
Philosophy: Themes and Texts
FLS 2521Lire et écrire en français langue seconde3 Units
FLS 2522Écouter et parler en français langue seconde3 Units
FRE 1732Cultures et littératures des francophonies canadiennes3 Units
FRE 1734Lecture et analyse textuelle3 Units
15 course units (minimum of 6 course units in French as a second language (FLS) at the 3000 level) from:15 Units
Compréhension de l'oral en français langue seconde : niveau avancé I
Mieux lire en FLS
Mieux écrire en FLS
Grammaire en contexte : interactions orales et écrites
FLS et l'art de s'exprimer
S'exprimer à l'écrit en FLS en contexte universitaire
La grammaire des textes universitaires en FLS
Le mot juste en FLS
12 course units from:12 Units
Culture et littérature françaises du Moyen Âge à la Révolution
Culture et littérature française du XIXe siècle à aujourd'hui
Cultures et littératures francophones dans le monde
La littérature en traduction
La bande dessinée
La chanson
Littérature pour enfants et adolescents
La nouvelle
21 course units (minimum of 6 course units at the 4000 level) from:21 Units
Roman français
Roman québécois
Poésie française et québécoise
Théâtre français
Théâtre québécois et franco-ontarien
La francophonie par les films
Littérature de l'Ontario français
Littératures francophones contemporaines
Les écritures de soi
Variations du français dans la littérature
Littérature et stylistique
Théories littéraires
Femmes en littérature
Mythes et littérature
Littérature et histoire
Littérature et engagement
Dynamiques interculturelles
Littératures croisées
48 elective course units48 Units
or 18 elective course units plus a minor
Total: 120 Units