This program allows students to receive two degrees, a BSc and a BEd. While studying science, students can also be introduced to the field of education by taking PED courses. To meet Ministry of Education requirements, students who wish to teach science or mathematics must complete a minimum of 30 units in their first option (an area of science) and at least 12 units in their second option (science or humanities).

This program is offered in French only.

Students admitted to the integrated B.Sc spécialisé en sciences/B.Éd (cycles intermédiaire/supérieur) program must follow two faculties’ regulations: when they are registered for Faculty of Science courses, they must follow that faculty’s regulations, while when they are registered for Faculty of Education courses, the Faculty of Education’s regulations take precedence. Students must pass a language proficiency test to register for Faculty of Education Formation à l’enseignement courses, although you can register for optional PED courses. The test is administered during the second term of first year. If you fail it, you can write a supplemental test in the second term of second year. If you fail the test, you are only entitled to write one supplemental test.

This program is currently under revision. At this time, we are not accepting applications.

B.Sc. spécialisé en sciences120 Units
Composed of a major in biology, chemistry, mathematics or physics, and one of the following three options:
Option 1:
A major or minor in science (biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics)
and 12 course units in humanities
Option 2:
A minor in computer science
and 12 course units in humanities
Option 3:
A major or minor in the humanities
and 0-12 elective course units
6 course units from:
Réalités scolaires actuelles
La relation pédagogique
Problématique de l'enseignement des mathématiques
La problématique de l'enseignement de la langue française en milieu minoritaire en Ontario
École, famille et communauté
Formation à l'enseignement - cycles intermédiaire/supérieur (36 units): 1
PED 3514Stage I activités d'apprentissage de l'enseignement et séminaires d'intégration3 Units
PED 3519Société et système scolaire franco-ontarien3 Units
PED 3717Impact des technologies de l'information et des communications en éducation3 Units
PED 3718Apprentissage et évaluation au cycle supérieur3 Units
PED 3719Gestion de classe et différenciation pédagogique aux cycles intermédiaires supérieurs3 Units
PED 3729Enseignement au secondaire3 Units
PED 4514Stage II activités d'apprentissage de l'enseignement et séminaires d'intégration3 Units
3 course units from:3 Units
Enseignement religieux catholique au cycle intermédiaire
L'éducation aux valeurs en milieu scolaire
Teaching Subjects:
12 course units from the list of teaching subjects 2, 312 Units
Total: 156 Units