If it moves, a mechanical engineer designed it! Mechanical engineers are responsible for a wide range of mechanical, thermal and biomedical systems and devices, from computer parts to power plants, from manufacturing systems to spacecraft. This is a broad-based area of engineering, and graduates find work in almost every industrial sector, including high tech, aerospace, manufacturing, auto, energy, biomedical and consulting.

This program is offered in English and in French. 

French courses are available in first year and almost all of second year. Most third and fourth year courses are offered in English only.

Co-operative education is available with this program.

Requirements for this program have been modified. Please consult the 2018-2019 calendars for the previous requirements.

Compulsory First-Year Courses:
CHM 1311Principles of Chemistry3 Units
ENG 1112Technical Report Writing3 Units
GNG 1103Engineering Design3 Units
GNG 1105Engineering Mechanics3 Units
GNG 1106Fundamentals of Engineering Computation3 Units
MAT 1320Calculus I3 Units
MAT 1322Calculus II3 Units
MAT 1341Introduction to Linear Algebra3 Units
MCG 1100Introduction to Mechanical Engineering3 Units
PHY 1122Fundamentals of Physics II3 Units
Compulsory Second-Year Courses:
CVG 2140Mechanics of Materials I3 Units
ELG 2336Electric Circuits and Machines for Mechanical Engineering3 Units
GNG 2101Introduction to Product Development and Management for Engineers and Computer Scientists3 Units
MAT 2322Calculus III for Engineers3 Units
MAT 2377Probability and Statistics for Engineers3 Units
MAT 2384Ordinary Differential Equations and Numerical Methods3 Units
MCG 2101Introduction to Design3 Units
MCG 2108Mechanics II3 Units
MCG 2130Thermodynamics I3 Units
MCG 2131Thermodynamics II3 Units
MCG 2360Engineering Materials I3 Units
MCG 2361Engineering Materials II3 Units
Compulsory Third-Year Courses:
ELG 3336Electronics for Mechanical Engineers3 Units
GNG 4170Engineering Law3 Units
MAT 3320Mathematics for Engineers3 Units
MCG 3110Heat Transfer3 Units
MCG 3130Dynamics of Machinery3 Units
MCG 3131Machine Design3 Units
MCG 3145Advanced Strength of Materials3 Units
MCG 3306System Dynamics3 Units
MCG 3307Control Systems3 Units
MCG 3340Fluid Mechanics I3 Units
MCG 3341Fluid Mechanics II3 Units
Compulsory Fourth-Year Courses:
3 course units from:3 Units
Technology Entrepreneurship for Engineers and Computer Scientists
Technology, Society and Environment Since 1800
Scientific Thought and Social Values
MCG 4308Mechanical Vibration Analysis3 Units
MCG 4322Computer-Aided Design6 Units
MCG 4328Manufacturing3 Units
MCG 4340Mechanical Engineering Laboratory3 Units
9 course units of technical electives from the list of optional courses9 Units
3 complementary electives course units at the undergraduate level 13 Units
3 course units of science electives3 Units
Total: 132 Units

List of Optional Courses

Stream A: Fluid Mechanics - Heat Transfer:
MCG 4104Building Energy Systems3 Units
MCG 4110Fluid Machinery3 Units
MCG 4111Internal Combustion Engines3 Units
MCG 4126Energy Conversion3 Units
MCG 4128Basic Nuclear Engineering3 Units
MCG 4139Computational Methods in Fluid and Heat Transfer3 Units
MCG 4325Gas Dynamics3 Units
MCG 4345Aerodynamics3 Units
Stream B: Solid Mechanics - Design and Synthesis:
MCG 4102Finite Element Analysis3 Units
MCG 4107Dynamics II3 Units
MCG 4127Computational Methods in Mechanical Engineering3 Units
MCG 4155Advanced Engineering Materials3 Units
MCG 4329Reliability and Maintainability in Engineering Design3 Units
Stream C: CAD/CAM - Industrial Engineering:
MCG 4130Industrial Planning3 Units
MCG 4132Robot Mechanics3 Units
MCG 4133Automation Design and Control3 Units
MCG 4134Robot Design and Control3 Units
MCG 4136Mechatronics3 Units
Other Technical Electives:
GNG 4128Introduction to Nuclear Engineering3 Units
MCG 4100Thesis6 Units
MCG 4142Corrosion: Principles, Prevention and Control3 Units
MCG 4143Product Design and Development3 Units
MCG 4144Introduction to Composite Materials3 Units
MCG 4190Selected Topics I3 Units
MCG 4191Selected Topics II3 Units
MCG 4220Thesis6 Units