Building on a solid foundation of traditional engineering skills, this program covers many different aspects of computer software and hardware design, and allows for more specialized studies in microprocessor-based systems, computer architecture, programming concepts, real-time operating systems, software engineering and robotics. This program provides multiple paths to a variety of careers.

This program is offered in English and in French. 

All courses are available in English and French. Advanced courses are sometimes offered only in English.


Co-operative education is available with this program.

Compulsory First-Year Courses:
ADM 1100Introduction to Business Management3 Units
ADM 1340Financial Accounting3 Units
CHM 1311Principles of Chemistry3 Units
GNG 1105Engineering Mechanics3 Units
ITI 1100Digital Systems I3 Units
ITI 1120Introduction to Computing I3 Units
ITI 1121Introduction to Computing II3 Units
MAT 1320Calculus I3 Units
MAT 1322Calculus II3 Units
MAT 1341Introduction to Linear Algebra3 Units
MAT 1348Discrete Mathematics for Computing3 Units
PHY 1124Fundamentals of Physics for Engineers3 Units
Compulsory Second-Year Courses:
ADM 2320Marketing3 Units
CEG 2136Computer Architecture I3 Units
CSI 2110Data Structures and Algorithms3 Units
ELG 2136Electronics I3 Units
ELG 2138Circuit Theory I3 Units
ELG 2911Professional Practice in Information Technology and Engineering3 Units
ENG 1112Technical Report Writing3 Units
MAT 2322Calculus III for Engineers3 Units
MAT 2377Probability and Statistics for Engineers3 Units
MAT 2384Ordinary Differential Equations and Numerical Methods3 Units
PHY 2323Electricity and Magnetism3 Units
SEG 2105Introduction to Software Engineering3 Units
Compulsory Third-Year Courses:
ADM 3313New Venture Creation3 Units
CEG 3136Computer Architecture II3 Units
CEG 3155Digital Systems II3 Units
CEG 3156Computer Systems Design3 Units
CEG 3185Introduction to Data Communications and Networking3 Units
CSI 3131Operating Systems3 Units
ELG 3125Signal and System Analysis3 Units
ELG 3155Introduction to Control Systems3 Units
3 course units from:3 Units
Engineering Economics
Introduction to Product Development and Management for Engineers and Computer Scientists
3 course units from:3 Units
Technology, Society and Environment Since 1800
Scientific Thought and Social Values
SEG 2106Software Construction3 Units
Compulsory Fourth-Year Courses:
CEG 4136Computer Architecture III3 Units
CEG 4166Real-Time Systems Design3 Units
CEG 4912Computer Engineering Design Project I3 Units
CEG 4913Computer Engineering Design Project II3 Units
GNG 4170Engineering Law3 Units
3 course units of science electives 3 Units
3 optional course units from the list of optional courses in Engineering Management and Entrepreneurship option3 Units
6 course units of technical electives from the list of technical electives6 Units
Total: 132 Units

List of Optional Courses

List of Electives for the Management and Entrepreneurship Option:
ADM 1101Social Context of Business3 Units
ADM 2336Organizational Behaviour3 Units
ADM 3318International Business3 Units
ADM 3319Cross-Cultural Management3 Units
ADM 3326Advertising and Sales Promotion Management3 Units
GNG 4120Technology Entrepreneurship for Engineers and Computer Scientists3 Units
GNG 4171Intellectual Property and Technology Law for Engineers3 Units
PHI 2397Business Ethics3 Units
List of Technical Electives:
CEG 4112Topics in Computer Engineering II3 Units
CEG 4140Digital Control Systems3 Units
CEG 4158Computer Control in Robotics3 Units
CEG 4186Wireless Networks3 Units
CEG 4187Optical Networks3 Units
CEG 4188Higher Layer Network Protocols3 Units
CEG 4190Computer Network Design3 Units
CEG 4198Distributed Systems Design3 Units
CEG 4316Digital Image Processing3 Units
CEG 4396Computer Network Management3 Units
CEG 4399Design of Secure Computer Systems3 Units
CSI 2120Programming Paradigms3 Units
CSI 2132Databases I3 Units
CSI 2372Advanced Programming Concepts With C++3 Units
CSI 3120Programming Language Concepts3 Units
CSI 3140WWW Structures, Techniques and Standards3 Units
CSI 4106Introduction to Artificial Intelligence3 Units
CSI 4115Introduction to Compilers3 Units
ELG 2137Circuit Theory II3 Units
ELG 3136Electronics II3 Units
ELG 4137Principles and Applications of VLSI Design3 Units
ELG 4177Digital Signal Processing3 Units
SEG 3102Software Design and Architecture3 Units
SEG 3125Analysis and Design of User Interfaces3 Units