Population Health Risk Assessment and Management (PHR)

The following courses are offered by the Faculty of Medicine.

PHR 5181 Population Health Risk Assessment I (3 units)

National and international policy frameworks for health risk assessment and management, including determinants of population health; epidemiological, clinical, and toxicological methods for identifying health hazards; population health surveillance; methods of population health risk assessment; regulatory, economic, advisory, and technological approaches to population health risk management; community action and social marketing; selection of risk management strategies; risk perception and risk communication. Lectures and case studies. Preparation of term paper on a current issue in population health risk assessment. Courses EPI 5181, PHR 5181 cannot be combined for units.

Course Component: Lecture

Exclusion: EPI 5181.

PHR 6101 Risk Management in Government (3 units)

Study of risk management frameworks, guidelines and principles for decision makers; review of ethical grounding and risk evaluation techniques and follow-up. Written report to be submitted by the student on a current risk management project.

Course Component: Lecture

Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.

PHR 6102 Selected Topics in Risk Sciences (3 units)

The content of this seminar course is flexible, covering issues of current debate in risk sciences, including risk assessment methods, risk management and risk policy development. It includes presentations by invited experts, participants and seminar discussion.

Course Component: Lecture

PHR 6182 Population Health Risk Assessment II (3 units)

Scientific methods for population health risk assessment; characterization of population health risks, and attendant uncertainties; risk modeling; combining risk information from different sources; risk acceptability; principles of risk management decision making; evidence-based risk management policy development; audit and evaluation of risk interventions; priority setting; case studies on current population health risk assessment issues. Term paper on a current methodological issue in population health risk assessment required.

Course Component: Lecture

Prerequisite: PHR 5181. PHI 6182 and EPI 6182 cannot be combined for units.

PHR 6900 Études dirigées en évaluation du risque en santé des populations / Directed Studies in Population Health Risk Assessment (3 crédits / 3 units)

Études dirigées qui porteront sur la gestion ou l’évaluation du risque en santé des populations et aborderont des problématiques telles que les risques environnementaux, les facteurs sociaux, la génétique ou le système de santé. / Directed study on a topic relevant to population health risk assessment or management, addressing risk issues related to topics such as the environment, social determinants, genetics or the health system.

Volet / Course Component: Séminaire / Seminar

Préalable : PHR 5181 ou EPI 5181. / Prerequisite: PHR 5181 or EPI 5181.

PHR 6910 Stage en évaluation et gestion du risque en santé des populations / Practicum in Population Health Risk Assessment and Management (3 crédits / 3 units)

Stage de terrain de 10 heures par semaine dans le milieu des politiques en santé. Permet de participer à la mise en application de principes d’évaluation ou de gestion du risque en santé des populations et d’obtenir de l’expérience pratique dans le domaine. Évaluation : note de S (Satisfaisant) ou NS (Non satisfaisant) / A field work placement of 10 hours/week in a health policy setting which provides an opportunity to participate in the application of population health risk assessment or management principles. Provides hands-on experience in the risk policy and evaluation field. Graded: S (satisfactory)/NS (not satisfactory)

Volet / Course Component: Stage / Work Term

Préalable : EPI 5181 ou PHR 5181. / Prerequisite: EPI 5181 or EPI 5181.

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