Anesthesiology (ANE)

The following courses are offered by the Faculty of Medicine.

ANE 6101 Anesthesia (3 units)

These lectures are held weekly during the academic year, September to May, and are comprised of six separate blocks of lectures. The six blocks are broken up into three during each of the two core years of the program. The three first-year blocks are in Respiratory Psychology, Anatomy and Cardiovascular Physiology. The three second-year blocks are made up of pharmacology; neuro-endocrine Physiology and Physics (plus special area of interest to the Anaesthetics). All the lectures are didactic presentations by staff anaesthetists or lectures from other disciplines. At the conclusion of each of these series of ten to twelve lectures, there is a multiple choice exam based on the lectures, seminars and Journal Club. At the end of each academic year in June, oral exams are conducted to assess and to prepare the trainee with a guest examiner from another centre and twelve panels of local examiners.

Course Component: Lecture

ANE 6102 Resident Seminars (3 units)

These seminars are conducted weekly by various staff members. All residents are expected to be prepared to discuss the seminar topic meaningfully and are expected to contribute to the general discussion.

Course Component: Lecture

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