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Date d’accueil de la première cohorte prévue le 1er mai 2020.

The Professional Writing Minor is an interdisciplinary degree in writing and editing for business, science and the arts. Housed within the Department of English, the professional writing minor provides students with knowledge and skills much in demand by employers in government, business, social service, and community organizations. Take courses in Technical Writing and Editing, Policy Writing, Advanced Grammar, and Organizational Communication, among others. 15-credit "options" are also available in Professional Editing or Technical Writing.

This program is offered in English only.

Le tableau qui suit présente uniquement les exigences de l'option. Veuillez consulter les règlements scolaires pour connaître les règles de combinaison de programmes de la Faculté des arts.

Compulsory courses
ENG 1320 - English Grammar for Professional Writers and Editors 13 crédits
ENG 2301The Writing Process3 crédits
Optional courses
9 course units from:9 crédits
Interpersonal Communication 2
Organizational Communication 2
Introduction to Writing Creative Non-fiction
Writing for Digital Media I: Fundamentals of Digital Literacy
ENG 2380 - Introduction to Technical Writing
ENG 2381 - Writing about the Arts
Digital Journalism I
Logic I
Documentation et lexicologie
Writing Techniques for Translators and Professional Writers I
12 course units from:12 crédits
Communication Planning
Writing for Digital Media II
Communication in the Information Age
ENG 3180 - Editing Documents for Business, Science, and Technology
ENG 3181 - Editing in Arts and Humanities Publishing
ENG 3182 - Policy Writing and Writing for Government
Advanced Workshop in Creative Non-fiction
Digital Journalism II
Writing Techniques for Translators and Professional Writers II
Post-Editing and Technical Writing for Translators
3 course units from: 33 crédits
Book History: Theories and Methods
Literature and Visual Culture: Theories and Approaches
Narrative Genres: Theories and Approaches
Critical Theory
Total :30 crédits