Pathologie orthopédique (ORT)

Les cours suivants sont offerts par la Faculté de médecine.

ORT 6101 Orthopaedics Pathology (2 units)

This series of monthly lectures spread over a three-year period, realized in collaboration with the department of Pathology, will familiarize the residents with benign and malignant bone lesions, as well as with inflammatory disease and metabolic disorders. Besides describing the gross and histological appearance, the clinical picture and the radiological factors are discussed.

Course Component: Lecture

ORT 6102 Clinical Orthopaedics (2 units)

The clinical aspects of diagnosis and treatment at a specialized level are taught in weekly lectures spread over a three-year period. This course is structured to include the use of modern diagnostic tools and the most recent progresses in and conservative therapy.

Course Component: Lecture

ORT 6201 Orthopaedic Histophysiology and Pathophysiology (4 units)

A total of 72 bimonthly lectures is spread over a three-year period. It includes histology, physiology and embryology of bone and joints, biomechanical aspects of bone and joints, and the importance of hormones, vitamins and elements in bone homeostasis. The properties and use of metals and other implant materials are considered. Finally the pathophysiology of the most important orthopaedics diseases is discussed in detail.

Course Component: Lecture

ORT 6202 Orthopaedic Motor Skill Works

This monthly workshop extending over a three year period familiarizes residents with technical skills needed in Orthopaedic Surgery.

Course Component: Lecture

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