Systèmes cardio-respiratoires (CTS)

Les cours suivants sont offerts par la Faculté de médecine.

CTS 6101 Lectures: Lung and Esophageal Surgery (1 unit)

These seminars are organized to give detailed knowledge in the following specific areas: rigid and flexible bronchoscopy, bronchial brushing, esophagoscopy, esophageal motility and pH studies, respiratory function tests, lung tumours, pulmonary disease and post-operative complications of pulmonary surgery. In addition non-invasive studies of peripheral vascular disease, arterial disease and surgical intervention and trauma will be studied.

Course Component: Lecture

CTS 6102 Lectures: Atherosclerosis and Hematologic Series (1 unit)

Detailed lectures are given to cover the aspects of congenital and acquired cardiac, vascular and thoracic diseases including atherosclerosis, thrombo embolytic disease, diagnostic procedures, coagulation, hemostasis and blood transfusion.

Course Component: Lecture

CTS 6103 Lectures: Circulatory Support Procedures (1 unit)

The formal presentations include the areas of the pathophysiology of shock, cardiorespiratory failure, cardio-pulmonary bypass, ventilatory support devices, cardiac assist devices, pacemakers, post-operative monitoring and intensive care and intra-operative myocardial protection.

Course Component: Lecture

CTS 6104 Lectures: Basic Science Series (1 unit)

The basic sciences of the cardio-respiratory system are reviewed including embryology, pathophysiology, anatomy and radiology of the heart, lungs and great vessels. The lectures will also cover the principles of metabolism, infection, genetics and statistics.

Course Component: Lecture

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