Ethical issues are taking on a greater importance in society and in our lives. Think, for example, of the questions raised by medical advances that challenge our concepts of life and death, or the privacy issues created by the growing use of the Internet. This multidisciplinary program in ethics is both theoretical and applied. You reflect on fundamental issues in moral and political philosophy and come to understand the nature of ethics issues in health care, business, law, communication, criminology, social work, public affairs and other areas.

This program is offered in English and in French.

Admissions and enrolments for this program will be accepted for the Fall 2019 term.

The table below includes only discipline-specific courses. Please refer to the Academic Regulations for information on including a minor to your degree.

Compulsory courses at the 2000 level
PHI 2170Logic I3 Units
PHI 2174Ethics3 Units
PHI 2183Political Philosophy3 Units
PHI 2380Greek Philosophy or the Birth of Philosophy3 Units
PHI 2383Modern Philosophy3 Units
Compulsory courses at the 3000 level
PHI 3164Contemporary Ethical Theories3 Units
PHI 3165Contemporary Political Philosophy3 Units
PHI 3395Philosophy of Law3 Units
Optional courses
3 course units from:3 Units
Reasoning and Critical Thinking
Philosophy: Ideas and Arguments
3 course units from:3 Units
Moral Reasoning
Philosophy: Themes and Texts
6 course units from:6 Units
Texts in Ethics and Political Philosophy
Problems in Contemporary Political Philosophy
Problems in Contemporary Ethics
6 course units from:6 Units
Philosophy of Cognitive Science
Topics in Theory of Knowledge
Logic II
Topics in Metaphysics
Philosophical Logic
Philosophy of Language
Philosophy of the Social Sciences
Texts in American Philosophy
Total: 42 Units