Civil engineers design the infrastructure on which their communities depend, such as buildings and their foundations, bridges, canals, dams, transportation facilities, municipal sewer and water networks, and wastewater and solid waste treatment systems. 

Civil engineering students at the University of Ottawa can take advantage of world-class teaching laboratories, multimedia classrooms and outstanding computer facilities. Students develop expertise in computer applications, field and laboratory testing, and project management, and they are well-equipped to serve their communities upon graduation.

This program is offered in English and in French. 

French courses are available in first year and almost all of second year. Most third and fourth year courses are offered in English only.

Co-operative education is available with this program.

Requirements for this program have been modified. Please consult the 2018-2019 calendars for the previous requirements.

Compulsory First-Year Courses:
ADM 1340Financial Accounting3 Units
CHM 1311Principles of Chemistry3 Units
CVG 1107Civil Engineering Graphics and Seminars3 Units
ENG 1112Technical Report Writing3 Units
GNG 1103Engineering Design3 Units
GNG 1105Engineering Mechanics3 Units
GNG 1106Fundamentals of Engineering Computation3 Units
MAT 1320Calculus I3 Units
MAT 1322Calculus II3 Units
MAT 1341Introduction to Linear Algebra3 Units
PHY 1122Fundamentals of Physics II3 Units
3 course units from:3 Units
Engineering Economics
Introduction to Product Development and Management for Engineers and Computer Scientists
Compulsory Second-Year Courses:
ADM 2320Marketing3 Units
CVG 2107Geotechnical Materials and Processes3 Units
CVG 2116Introduction to Fluid Mechanics3 Units
CVG 2132Fundamentals of Environmental Engineering3 Units
CVG 2140Mechanics of Materials I3 Units
CVG 2141Civil Engineering Materials3 Units
CVG 2149Civil Engineering Mechanics3 Units
CVG 2171Surveying and Measurements3 Units
CVG 2181Numerical Modelling in Civil Engineering3 Units
MAT 2322Calculus III for Engineers3 Units
MAT 2377Probability and Statistics for Engineers3 Units
MAT 2384Ordinary Differential Equations and Numerical Methods3 Units
3 course units from:3 Units
Technology, Society and Environment Since 1800
Scientific Thought and Social Values
Compulsory Third-Year Courses:
ADM 1100Introduction to Business Management3 Units
ADM 3313New Venture Creation3 Units
CVG 3106Soil Mechanics II3 Units
CVG 3109Soil Mechanics I3 Units
CVG 3116Hydraulics3 Units
CVG 3120Hydrology3 Units
CVG 3132Physical/Chemical Unit Operation of Water and Wastewater Treatment3 Units
CVG 3140Theory of Structures I3 Units
CVG 3147Structural Steel Design I3 Units
CVG 3148Reinforced Concrete Design I3 Units
3 course units of science electives3 Units
Compulsory Fourth-Year Courses:
CVG 4001Introduction to Civil Engineering Project3 Units
CVG 4150Highway and Transportation Engineering3 Units
CVG 4173Construction Management3 Units
CVG 4175Field Investigations and Environmental Impact Assessment of Civil Engineering Projects3 Units
CVG 4907Civil Engineering Design Project3 Units
GNG 4170Engineering Law3 Units
3 course units of technical electives in geotechnical and/or structural engineering3 Units
3 course units of technical electives in environmental and/or water resources engineering3 Units
Total: 132 Units

List of Optional Courses

Geotechnical Electives:
CVG 4108Geotechnical Design3 Units
Structural Electives:
CVG 4143Structural Steel Design II3 Units
CVG 4145Reinforced Concrete Design II3 Units
CVG 4146Structural Design in Timber3 Units
Water Resources Electives:
CVG 4110Hydraulics of Open Channels3 Units
CVG 4113Hydraulics of Water Supply and Sewer Systems3 Units
CVG 4122Groundwater and Seepage3 Units
Environmental Engineering Electives:
CVG 4130Advanced Environmental Engineering3 Units
CVG 4133Solid Waste Management3 Units
Other Electives:
CVG 4180Special Directed Studies 13 Units
CVG 4260Thesis 16 Units