Contemplative Studies is the theoretical and applied exploration of contemplative traditions and practices. As an interdisciplinary field, it unites the Humanities, Social Sciences and Health Sciences in the study of the full range of human contemplative experiences. It employs first-person experiential modes of inquiry (including meditation) combined with traditional methods of analysis in the study of states of mind. The program seeks to foster empathy, altruism, and creativity with the goal of advancing human flourishing.

The Contemplative Studies program offers students the unique opportunity to discover the potential, and richness, of the human mind. This will be gained through the practice of meditation (in its different forms) and mindfulness practices, through the mindful use technology and information acquisition, and through the psychological study of positive mental states and human wellbeing. In addition, students will become acquainted with different contemplative and spiritual traditions of the West and Asia through a comparative historical and philosophical overview.

What is a Transdisciplinary option?

Transdisciplinary options are microcredentials that allow you to tailor your degree and develop competencies outside of your Honours BA, Major or Minor. These thematic microcredentials range from 9 to 18 course units and can be taken from your electives. Options can be added to most of the B.A. and B.Sc. programs at the Faculty of Arts and the name of the option will appear on your transcript. Adding one or several options to your degree allows you to be the architect of your degree and develop additional competencies beyond your fields of study.

The table below includes only the option-specific courses. Please refer to the Academic Regulations for information on the possible combinations available within the Faculty of Arts.

Compulsory courses:
AHL 2150Introduction to Contemplative Studies and Well-being3 Units
AHL 3156Meditation: Theory and Practice3 Units
SRS 3354Mysticism and Spiritual Experience3 Units
AHL 4150Mindful Tech3 Units
3 optional course units from:3 Units
Special topics in Contemplative Studies and Well-being I
Special topics in Contemplative Studies and Well-being II
Mindful Tech
Indigenous Spiritualities in the Americas.
Romantic Literature
Leisure : Concepts and Values
Greek Wisdom
Philosophy of Religion
Asian Philosophy
Philosophical Texts
Introduction to Psychology: Foundations
Introduction to Psychology: Applications
The Religions of the World I
The Religions of the World II
Religious Ways of the Aboriginal Peoples
Religion, Animals, Nature
Religion and Death
Total: 15 Units