Animal Studies in an emerging and socially engaged field that explores the ethical, religious, philosophical, political, and sociocultural aspects of animal-human relationships. Animal Studies is concerned with the full range of historical and contemporary dimensions of humans’ relations with other living beings, including the great diversity in humans’ cultural attitudes toward the non-human world, the roles and representations of animals in human societies, and our moral responsibilities toward non-human animals. As such, the academic interest in Animal Studies mirrors a growing sensitivity to the plight of animals found within the broader society.

The 15-course-unit cross-disciplinary option in Animal Studies proposes to engage students with ethical questions about the human co-existence with other species. It shares many of the theoretical perspectives, social and animal justice goals, and pedagogical tools of other advocacy-oriented disciplines.

What is a Transdisciplinary option?

Transdisciplinary options are microcredentials that allow you to tailor your degree and develop competencies outside of your Honours BA, Major or Minor. These thematic microcredentials range from 9 to 18 course units and can be taken from your electives. Options can be added to most of the B.A. and B.Sc. programs at the Faculty of Arts and the name of the option will appear on your transcript. Adding one or several options to your degree allows you to be the architect of your degree and develop additional competencies beyond your fields of study.

The table below includes only the option-specific courses. Please refer to the Academic Regulations for information on the possible combinations available within the Faculty of Arts.

Compulsory courses
AHL 2110Introduction to Animal Studies3 Units
SRS 2172Religion, Animals, Nature3 Units
Optional courses
9 course units from:9 Units
Special Topics in Animal Studies I
Special Topics in Animal Studies II
Capstone Seminar in Animal Studies
Introduction to Organismal Biology
The Human Animal
Animal Form and Function
Law and Society
Indigenous Spiritualities in the Americas.
Literature and the Environment
Global Environmental Challenges
History of Environmental Thought
The Physical Environment
Places and Spaces of Human Activity
Environmental Sociology
Religious Ways of the Aboriginal Peoples
Aboriginal Myths and Philosophy
Shamanic Traditions
Total: 15 Units