Women's Studies

The Institute of Feminist and Gender Studies offers students exciting interdisciplinary undergraduate and graduate programs that explore women, gender and feminisms. Our teaching and research deal with hot button issues such as globalization, transnationalism, sexualities, colonialism and racism. Courses blend scientific, theoretical and practical knowledge that contributes toward intellectual development and collective efforts for social justice.


Sociology involves the study of societies, specifically their institutions, cultures, and transformations. Sociologists seek to uncover the processes, rules, and norms that govern social relations. They seek to understand issues such as the origins and consequences of social inequalities and collective behaviours. In our programs, students have the opportunity to apply theoretical approaches to real-world cases and learn how to use research tools such as interviewing, discourse analysis, surveys, and statistical analyses. The connection between theory and research enables students to understand a range of contemporary social issues, such as poverty, ethnic relations, deviance, gender relations, international development, power, and technology.

This program is offered in English and in French. 

Co-operative education is available with this program.

The French immersion is available with this program.

Requirements for this program have been modified. Please consult the 2018-2019 calendars for the previous requirements.

Basic Skills
ENG 1100Workshop in Essay Writing3 Units
3 course units from:3 Units
Literature and Composition I: Prose Fiction
Literature and Composition II: Drama and Poetry
3 course units from:3 Units
Methodology in Feminist Studies
Principles of Methodology
Women's Studies (36 course units)
FEM 1100Women, Gender, Feminism: An Introduction3 Units
FEM 3105Feminist Theories3 Units
6 course units from:6 Units
Gender, (Dis)Ability and Health
Diversities of Women: Gender, Race, Class and (Dis)ability
Gender and Globalization in a Transnational World
Sexuality, Gender and Popular Culture
Class, Work, Gender and (Re)Production
3 course units from:3 Units
Feminism and Transnationalism
Anti-Colonial and Anti-Racist Feminisms
Gender, Identity and Embodiment
3 optional course units at the 4000 level from the list of optional courses3 Units
9 optional course units at the 3000 or 4000 level from the list of optional courses9 Units
9 optional course units in women's studies (FEM) from the list of optional courses9 Units
Sociology (45 course units)
SOC 1101Principles of Sociology3 Units
SOC 2112Classical Sociological Theories3 Units
SOC 3117Qualitative Research Laboratory3 Units
SOC 3142Applied Statistical Analysis3 Units
SOC 3312Theoretical Currents in Contemporary Sociology3 Units
SOC 4117Quantitative Research Laboratory3 Units
6 course units from:6 Units
Weber and Weberian Analysis
Marx and Marxist Analysis
Durkheim and Durkheimian Analysis
6 course units from:6 Units
Sociological Approaches to Health, Illness and Medicine
Socio-anthropology of the Family
Women, Men and Society
Principles of Demography
Techniques, Cultures and Environments
Globalization: Sociological and Anthropological Aspects
Analysis of Scientific Thought
Canadian Society
Political Sociology
Sociologie des communautés francophones en situation minoritaire du Canada
3 course units from:3 Units
Sociology of Populations
Family, Life Trajectories, and Society
Ethnic and National Questions
Contemporary Analysis of Migration
Local and Global Economic Relations
Social Change
The Knowledge Society and Social Organization
3 optional course units at the 4000 level in sociology (SOC)3 Units
3 optional course units at the 3000 or 4000 level in sociology (SOC)3 Units
6 optional course units in sociology (SOC)6 Units
Elective Courses
30 elective course units30 Units
Total: 120 Units

List of Optional Courses

ART 3117Art and Gender3 Units
CLA 3163Women in Early Christianity3 Units
CML 3393Lesbian and Gay Legal Issues3 Units
CMN 3104Women and Media3 Units
CRM 3307Women and Gendered Confinement and Criminalization3 Units
CRM 4312Women and Gendered Justice3 Units
FEM 2104Gender, (Dis)Ability and Health3 Units
FEM 2107Diversities of Women: Gender, Race, Class and (Dis)ability3 Units
FEM 2109Gender and Globalization in a Transnational World3 Units
FEM 2110Sexuality, Gender and Popular Culture3 Units
FEM 2111Class, Work, Gender and (Re)Production3 Units
FEM 3100Special Topic in Women's Studies3 Units
FEM 3104Feminism, Justice and the Law3 Units
FEM 3106Women, Gender and Development3 Units
FEM 3107Queer Theories3 Units
FEM 3108Indigenous Feminisms and Aboriginal Women's Issues3 Units
FEM 4310Feminism and Transnationalism3 Units
FEM 4320Anti-Colonial and Anti-Racist Feminisms3 Units
FEM 4330Gender, Identity and Embodiment3 Units
FRA 3530Écriture au féminin3 Units
FRA 4530La critique féministe3 Units
HIS 4182Seminar in Women's History3 Units
PAP 3325Gender and Public Policy3 Units
POL 3123Gender Studies and Feminist Theories in International Relations3 Units
POL 3126Women and Politics3 Units
POL 4163Politics and Sexual Diversity3 Units
POL 4180Feminist Political Thought3 Units
PSY 3121Psychology of Women3 Units
SOC 3306Social Structures and Relations between the Sexes: Comparative Analysis3 Units
SOC 4314Gender Relations, Development and Globalization3 Units
SRS 3163Women in Early Christianity3 Units
SRS 3165Gender and Religion3 Units
SVS 3520Identités trans et non binaires, sexualités marginalisées et service social3 Units
SVS 3703Intervention féministe3 Units

List of Suggested Elective Courses

CLT 2155The Celtic Woman: Between Myth and Reality3 Units
CRM 2307Women and Gendered Violence3 Units
ECO 2111Economics of Women's Issues3 Units
ENG 2114Women and Literature to 19003 Units
ENG 2115Women and Literature 1900 to the Present3 Units
FRA 2530La littérature et la femme3 Units
HIS 2182Women in Canada3 Units
HIS 2183Women in Western Societies to the Eighteenth Century3 Units
HIS 2184Women in Western Societies from the Eighteenth Century to the Present3 Units
PHI 2390Philosophy of Feminism and Gender3 Units
SOC 2104Women, Men and Society3 Units