The Teacher Education program offers a Bachelor of Education (BEd) offered full-time program that leads to a recommendation for certification by the Ontario College of Teachers valid in Ontario schools where English is the language of instruction. 

This program is designed to educate teachers to be knowledgeable, skilled and reflective professionals capable of working in partnership with members of the community. 

The Bachelor of Education (BEd) is divided into three divisions: primary/junior (k-grade 6) junior/intermediate (4-10), and intermediate/senior (7-12). In all three divisions, students learn educational theory and explore research in the field. Students also receive instruction on current teaching approaches and skills. Through field studies and the practicum, students are given opportunities to reflect on the links between theory and practice and to consider their own emerging practice. 

The Ontario College of Teachers is responsible for licensing and regulating the teaching profession in the public interest. Students are responsible for ensuring that the College recognizes the degree on which their admission to the Bachelor of Education is based. The University of Ottawa is responsible only for ensuring the degree meets the admission criteria for the Bachelor of Education itself.

This program is offered in English only. 

This two-year Bachelor of Education (BEd) is offered full-time. It prepares students to teach from grades 4 to 10.

Requirements for this program have been modified. Please consult the 2015-2016 calendars for the previous requirements.

PED 3102Schooling and Society3 Units
PED 3114Teaching at the Junior Division: Part I3 Units
PED 3120Teaching at the Junior Division: Part II3 Units
PED 3121Teaching at the Junior Division: Part III3 Units
PED 3138First Nations, Inuit and Métis Education: Historical Experiences and Contemporary Perspectives3 Units
PED 3141Curriculum Planning, Implementation and Assessment Part I3 Units
PED 3142Learning Theories and Practices in Inclusive Classrooms Part I3 Units
PED 3150Becoming a Teacher Through Inquiry in Practice3 Units
PED 3151Enacting Collaborative Inquiry in Professional Practice3 Units
PED 3152Enhancing Mathematics and Science Thinking3 Units
PED 3153The Context of Ontario Middle and Secondary Schools3 Units
PED 3154Teaching at the Intermediate Division3 Units
PED 3210Practicum in the Junior/Intermediate Division I6 Units
PED 4141Curriculum Planning, Implementation and Assessment Part II3 Units
PED 4142Learning Theories and Practices in Inclusive Classrooms Part II3 Units
PED 4210Practicum in the Junior and Intermediate Division II6 Units
3 course units from:3 Units
Teaching in Roman Catholic Separate Schools
Integrating Technology in the Classroom
Equity in Education: Theory and Practice
Second Language Perspectives in Education
Counselling Applications in Secondary Schools
Social Justice and Global Education
Holistic and Non-Traditional Approaches to Education
Creating Healthy, Safe and Supportive Learning Environments
Teaching Writing Across the Curriculum
Teaching Subjects (7-10):
3 course units in the teaching subjects to which the student was admitted: 13 Units
Teaching Religious Education in Catholic Schools at the Intermediate Division
General Science at the Intermediate Level
Teaching Computer Studies at the Intermediate Division
Teaching Drama at the Intermediate Division
Teaching English at the Intermediate Division
Teaching Geography at the Intermediate Division
Teaching History at the Intermediate Division
Teaching Mathematics at the Intermediate Division
Teaching Fine Arts - Instrumental Music at the Intermediate Division
Teaching Health and Physical Education at the Intermediate Division
Teaching Visual Arts at the Intermediate Division
Candidates who choose the FLS teaching subject in this division, must complete the following 6 course units: 2
Enseignement du français langue seconde aux cycles moyen et intermédiaire - I
Enseignement du FLS aux cycles moyen et intermédiaire II
Total: 60 Units



Not all teaching subjects are offered every year. Refer to the notes to applicants enclosed with the application for admission form. The Faculty reserves the right to limit enrollment in those teaching subjects.


Students whose teaching subject is French as a second language and who pass the French-language proficiency test but experience difficulties in French must complete PED 1599 (3 additional units). The Faculty will automatically register the student in that course.