The Major and the Minor in the History and Theory of Art programs provide an excellent foundation in the history of international modern and contemporary art, curatorial and museum studies, and their critical and theoretical discourses. Our professors emphasize an interdisciplinary approach with perspectives drawn from aesthetics and philosophy, as well as theories of feminism and gender, post-colonialism, identity, globalization, and new technologies. 

Students are actively involved in Ottawa's art community through curatorial projects on campus and in the city, site visits to national and municipal art galleries, internships, and class visits from curators, artists, and visiting professors. 

Graduates pursue careers as curators and directors at museums and galleries; at arts organizations and foundations; at archives and libraries; as editors or writers for art magazines and other publications; or pursue graduate work in the history and theory of art or curatorial studies, among others.

This program is offered in English and in French.

The table below includes only the discipline-specific courses. Please refer to the Academic Regulations for information on the Honours bachelor's with double major and the Honours bachelor's with major and minor.

French immersion is available when taken as part of an honours degree.

Requirements for this program have been modified. Please consult the 2015-2016 calendars for the previous requirements.

This program cannot be combined with the Bachelor of Fine Arts nor with the Major in Visual Arts.

This program leads to the MA in History of Art program.

ART 1102Methodologies in the History and Theory of Art3 Units
ART 1360Histories of Art I 13 Units
ART 1361Histories of Art II 13 Units
ART 217019th Century Art: 1789-19003 Units
ART 2171Modern Art: 1900-19453 Units
ART 3180Art After Modernism: 1945-19783 Units
ART 3181Postmodernism and Art: 1978-20003 Units
ART 4955Research Seminar in History and Theory of Art3 Units
9 optional ART course units in History and Theory of Art (H) 29 Units
6 optional ART course units in History and Theory of Art (H) at the 3000 level 26 Units
3 optional ART course units in History and Theory of Art (H) at the 4000 level 23 Units
Total: 42 Units



The introductory survey courses, ART 1360 and ART 1361, are required for all undergraduates in the Department of Visual Arts (Bachelor of Fine Arts; Major in Visual Arts; Major and Minor in History and Theory of Art) and are prerequisites for all compulsory 3000-level courses, so should therefore be taken in first year to ensure graduation on time.


(H): History and Theory of Art course. Other courses may be selected in consultation with the Department.